How do you pick the perfect planter?

So you want to grow stuff, but don't know where to start. Begin by choosing the plant that will thrive in the environment. Each plant needs a different type of climate, amount of sun and amount of water. After selecting your plant, gauge how much space it needs. Does it need deep soil? Does it need lots of space to spread out? Will it need a tall wall around it? Once you figure out the plants needs, where will you put it? Measure the space before buying a planter to ensure the box and the plant have the space neccessary to grow properly. Some plants grow best with a liner in the planter, and some do not need it. Find organic products that will not harm the plant or run off in the water. If you are going for wood, make sure it's sealed to protect it if you plan to keep it outside. Ensure you have a saucer if drainage holes are included as to not ruin the flooring underneath the planter. Finally, pick your style! Try to avoid planting too many plants in the same space so that they can properly grow and not sabotage each other, and wait for the plant to bloom!